what a small world..

Do you ever feel like the world is too small? Like, one day you would find out a very famous person went to the same school as you or something. I just had that moment today.

So, here is this designer Jason Wu, a Taiwanese-Americain, who designed a gown for the first lady of America, Michelle Obama. My college advisor in France told me that he was a student at the school I go to right now. In Rennes! Also, he went to all boys' middle school called Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, MA. It is where my brothers went to and I went to its summer camp once. My English teacher's son used to teach at Eaglebrook. He went to Loomis Chaffee school where some of my friends go to right now.

Jason Wu

Coincidentally, his 2011 Fall collection appeared on runway few days ago.

pictures from: www.style.com

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