Artist: Damien Hurst

I visited the DTR Gallery on Newbury Street, Boston over the weekend. The piece in the gallery which  caught my eyes the most was that of Damien Hurst's. As one of the most prominent members of Young British Artists, Damien Hurst has influenced the 21st century with his rebellious works. To introduce some of them, the first one is For the Love of God.

Produced in 2007, Damien Hurst used over 8000 pieces of diamonds which resulted in a cost of 14 million pounds. The asking price of 50 million pounds would be the highest asking price for a work of a single living artist. He was first inspired by an Aztec skull and his mother inspired him for the title. 
In an article in The GuardianGermaine Greer said, "Damien Hirst is a brand, because the art form of the 21st century is marketing. To develop so strong a brand on so conspicuously threadbare a rationale is hugely creative - revolutionary even."
This one is called the Dance of Death. This piece was not in the gallery, but I saw the piece at the Leeum Museum in Seoul two summers ago. The variety of pills represent how humans are leading themselves to death by increase in intake of more and more medication. Every single pill is unique in color and size. 

Here are some of the other works by Damien Hurst: 
'Away From the Flock'
'The Virgin Mother'

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