Sprocket Rocket

UPS Standard shipped to France. I don't know where it came from but it took less than a week to get here. I had already opened it at school as soon as I received it but I just taped it back for a photo.

After untaping and opening the box, there's my new camera with 2 packs of films.

Logo of Lomography at the corner.

Sprocket Rocket: The World's first camera dedicated fully to the glory of sprocket hole photography. You can see a sample photo taken with Sprocket Rocket on top.

Little booklets that came along in the box.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving the design

View from the top

The back

If you take out that frame, you get sprocket holes on your photos.

I forgot to take photos while loading a film. I am going to take photos soon in Rennes, Provence, Prague and Budapest as I travel during my vacation next week and the week after. However, I might not get my film developed until I get back to Korea. I highly doubt that a person would develop this film with sprocket holes on the photos.

So far, I am very content. I like the design. Though, I received an e-mail about a new white version of Sprocket Rocket three days after I ordered this. Black is still sexy.

I bought this online from Lomography international shop.