through the mist of Providence, RI

Rhode Island School of Design 
My family and I visited RISD over my long weekend and took the campus tour. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures around the campus... But I did bring back many of the catalogues and brochures. 

Before the campus tour, we sat in a conference room for a detailed introduction/ overview/ description of the school. One of the most interesting aspects of RISD was the way the programs were designed. As freshmen, the first year students would take part of the Foundation Studies Program. Then, as sophomores, they select their majors and take classes accordingly during the fall and spring seasons. 

However, during the winter, students are able to plan out the season in many different ways. They could keep taking the classes of their majors, they would take classes from different departments, and they could also go on a traveling program. Traveling programs are available for most of the departments, and students are free to join any one of them, regardless of their major. 

RISD has a special relationship with Brown University. Thus, students from either schools are able to take classes from the other and have them be counted as credits. In many cases, RISD students take liberal arts courses at Brown, and Brown students take art courses at RISD. 

Another unique aspect of the RISD-Brown relationship is the duel degree program. Students who apply to both RISD and Brown can also apply for the duel degree program. Evaluated separately, the two schools get together after and evaluate once more only on the students who have been accepted to both schools. Students who get accepted to the Brown-RISD duel degree program alternate each year and attend both Brown and RISD for 5 school years. 

Overall, the presentation at RISD was fabulous, it really gave me and my family a detailed idea of how life at RISD would be like. I also filled out the survey that they asked us to do down below, and overall, my evaluation of the visit was satisfying. 

Here are some pictures around the school. 
The AMAZING library

RISD school store

pictures from google, flickr

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