MFA: Museum of Fine Arts

I visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA a few weeks ago, and here goes the post. The weather was yucky, so there was no way of shopping around Newbury Street with heels on. My parents and my brother had come over from Korea for the long weekend. With a day at hand, I suggested that we do something fun and productive. MFA was showing numerous exhibitions in all different aspects of art. They had historical exhibitions, modern art sections, fashion, photography, and all sorts of sculptures around the building. The scale of the building was much more grandiose that I thought it would be, so I was basically running around in heels to have a look around all the exhibitions I wanted before the museum closed down at 4pm. 

Strange thing reminded me of this particular painting- Scarlett Johanson?

This American Couture exhibition stunned me with all the patterns and textures of the fabrics:

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