Paris at night

My parents came to visit me in France. They spent few days in my town, Rennes, and now we are in Paris. We flew here on a plane that works with propellers, classic..

 La Tour Eiffel, Paris
Every hour, for about 5 minutes, the blinking lights turn on at night. The first two pictures are taken before the lights came on and the last picture is after the lights came on.
Few things to know about the Eiffel Tower:
1. There is no need to go up on the tower to see the view of Paris. Because the Eiffel Tower is what represents Paris, being up there and not seeing the tower is not as magnificent as you would imagine Paris to be. Go to Trocadéro, métro line 6 or 9.
2. Average of 20 people commit suicide at the Eiffel Tower every year. Why would you pay for your death...? It's not understandable..
3. About 20 tons of paint is used to repaint the whole tower every year to prevent it from rusting.
4. Built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
5. People were going to deconstruct it because it does not suit the 'artsy' and old historic city, Paris. It was once used as the antenna pole for radios. However, now it is the construction with the most number of tourists visited every year. It is the icon of Paris and France.

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