finally developed my film

I finally developed the first roll with my Diana+ mini which I bought over the summer. Because I got a new DSLR lens in fall, I did not touch my lomo camera for a while. This roll was used in Korea, France, Belgium and England.
Things I like about my camera:
   Hello Kitty (limited edition)
   Color (as in the quality of photos)
   Half frame (as long as the developer understands it)

This is the camera I used to take the photos below. It was only available in Korea but if you google it you might be able to find a place to buy. It is just very pricey.

 My brother feeding a chick-monk. (Korea)

A bridge at a Buddhism site (Korea)

 A view from my room. (France)

Walking toward the Mont St.Michel. (France)

My friends.. focusing failed.. near Mont St. Michel. (France)

L'Atomium (Belgium)

Looking at L'Atomium from right below. (Belgium)

Harrod's (England)

I am okay with results, I mean, as the first roll, they came out fine. 
Things I got annoyed while getting these developed:
   The developer hasn't done mine when I went back to get them the day after
   The developer did not understand the idea of a half-frame
   He told me that there was something wrong with my camera (NOT!!)
Because the developer didn't understand the half-frame thing, he cut my photos weirdly and only few survived... also It is SO EXPENSIVE to develop films in France.... 

I don't have a scanner so I took pictures of these photos with my DSLR and tried to make them look as close as possible to how they actually look by touching them up with photoshop.

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