I tried..

I took a fashion illustration class over the summer for two months. I haven't done any since August.. I tried to recall my memory, and sketched one (one of Balmain 2011 s/s collection) today. It is just a basic of fashion illustration sketch. I haven't colored it yet.. and I don't know if I'll ever color it. I drew it on a croquis/sketch book and I doubt that it would handle an intense use of color pencils..

 (I don't have a scanner..)

Balmain 2011 S/S collection
As I was drawing it (or when I was looking at the collection), I wished Balmain had tried something different this time. It's been a while since Balmain focused on "street-funk" style. I guess the public is still happy with Decarnin's "revolutionary" collections in the world of high fashion while the fashion people are getting sick of his repetitive collections.

photos from: www.style.co.kr

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